Friday, September 2, 2016

August book reviews and other excuses

So...this is where I would review the books I read in August, except I didn't read any.  The shame!  Basically, my neck has been extra crappy this month and it's really hard to get comfortable enough to read anything.  Also I tend to fall asleep a lot, due to a certain unnamed abdominal parasite.  So I read a few chapters of the book I've been working on since mid-July and I read the relevant chapter of the pregnancy book I like and that's it.  I hate not reading because it's like losing a piece of my personality, so I am making every effort to read a few good books in September.  I will hopefully finish Seeing and read The Fall so that Baylee and I can watch season 2 of the show.  I have too many good books waiting - must read all the books!

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