Monday, November 23, 2015

Book #26 "48 Days to the Work You Love" by Dan Miller

I bought this because it was recommended by Dave Ramsey.  I should have know better.  Ramsey gives very good financial advice but his own books are poorly organized and not well-written.  This book is the same.  

First of all - where do the 48 days come in?  He's suggesting that 40 days is a significant time frame in a person's life to devote to change, then he adds 8 extra days for taking a break.  But the book isn't broken down by day and so there's no explanation for how quickly or slowly it should be read and how it's supposed to be spread over 40 or 48 days.  I find this incredibly annoying.

Then - grr - he uses dictionary definitions constantly.  He actually uses the phrase "Webster's Dictionary defines (common word that everyone already knows the definition of) as..." multiple times in the first chapter.  Ugh.  No.  But even worse, when he lists the definition of career, he uses the wrong one.  He uses the definition of the verb career and then continues as if it's the same as the noun.  He has decent points to make about how we view our careers, but they're all based on the verb usage, which IS NOT THE SAME WORD.

And then there's this.  One chapter discusses setting goals and under the financial goals section he includes this Bible verse:  "Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart's desires"  (Ps. 37:4).  I'm sorry but if you are expecting God to give you your heart's desires, and your heart's desires are for wealth, you're doing it wrong.

Chapters 6-9 are the most beneficial, with lots of statistics for job searches, resumes, interviews, and salary negotiations.  This part is actually worth reading, although a lot of it will be out of date soon and the same information is probably available online.  Still, I'm keeping the book (at least for now) for this information.

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