Sunday, November 22, 2015

Book #25 "Mastering Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention" AIPB

I finished the first book for my bookkeeper certification!  I'd been thinking about doing this for the past year or so but decided to go for it a few months ago when I had to quit my part-time job.  I think it will be better for me to work from home and have a few clients of my own than to try to stick to a work schedule.

The certification includes six books, four of which have tests at a testing facility, and two of which have mail-in tests.  I started with a mail-in to make sure I can handle it.  This topic was pretty dull and required a lot of memorization.  The good news is, the test is open-book (obviously) so I was pretty sure I had most of the right answers but was worried about a few.  I ended up getting 100% - yay!  Just five more to go...

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