Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Book #15 "The Odd Sea" by Frederick Reiken

I had intended this to be my purse book - the book you read in little five minute increments in waiting rooms when you aren't allowed to use your cell phone.  It didn't seem very interesting and I thought it would take months to get through it.  But then it got interesting so it stopped being my purse book and became just a regular book, and I finished it in a couple of days.

The Odd Sea follows a family after the disappearance of one of their children.  The story is told by the younger brother, who is around ten at the beginning of the book and around seventeen when it ends.  Through his eyes, we see the ripples of loss throughout the community - the effect on the parents and other siblings and their relationships with each other, then friends and teachers.  The narrator is obsessed with finding his brother, and ends up uncovering a lot of secrets in the process.  This isn't a mystery book - it's an exploration of grief and the weird things people do to try to deal with it.  The details were interesting.  Reiken paints a clear picture of the messy relationships in life and the way that people never quite respond to each other correctly.  There's always a gap in communication, and grief makes it wider.

I didn't love this book.  I don't plan on reading it again and I don't necessarily recommend it.  Still, if you are interested in the topic you might enjoy it.

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