Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What If It's a Hoax?

It's possible that all of these videos posted by The Center for Medical Progress are a hoax.  It's possible that they tricked people into saying what they wanted, covered doll parts in fake blood and put them in a petri dish, and then edited it all together because they're so determined to get Planned Parenthood shut down that they will go to any lengths to make it happen.

I admit that it's possible.

And if that's what you believe, then I need you to think about something.

It's possible that every second of that footage is real, and that the truth is even more horrifying than what we've seen or can imagine.  It's possible that Planned Parenthood is making money by breaking the law, and causing women even more pain during abortions than they would have otherwise, and delivering babies alive and letting them die.

It's possible.

So since both of these things are possible, how do we proceed?  Do we discount the videos that these journalists worked on for years because they can't convince us 100%?  Do we shut down an organization based on videos taken by undercover journalists?  No.  We investigate.  We find out the truth.  The truth, by the way, is not what the CEO of Planned Parenthood says, and it's not what the journalists say.  The truth cannot be found based on tv interviews and public opinion.  The truth is real, and not up for interpretation, and needs to be found out before we decide how to proceed.

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