Sunday, July 19, 2015

We Can't Not Talk About This

If you haven't seen the headlines that Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts, well, congratulations on that GIANT rock you live under.

I don't know how to begin talking about all of the issues that this relates to, because there are so many, and I want to be sensitive about the way that I approach it.  I can't even get to discussing the current news part of this story until I cover something more fundamental.

First of all, I personally know many women who have had an abortion.  If you're one of them, I want you to know that I care about you.  It might hurt you to read the rest of this post, so you don't have to.  I don't want to cause you pain, but I believe in telling the truth.

The freedom to make choices does not exist without access to information.  If we know nothing about our presidential candidates, how do we vote?  If we know nothing about cancer, how do we decide on the right treatment?  If we don't know what's in our food, how do we decide what to eat?

Here's the main thing.  Planned Parenthood does not care about women.  It cares about money.  Everything else is just marketing.  When you have a company that makes hundreds of dollars off of every abortion it performs, and makes nothing from referring a woman to an adoption agency or a pregnancy center, then you have a company that sells abortion.

You have a company that lies, because the inconvenient truth is that at 5 weeks a fetus has a heartbeat.  And when a 16-year-old girl that is 9 weeks pregnant asks if "it" has a heartbeat, Planned Parenthood says no.  Because how else would she be ok with taking a pill that will stop that heartbeat?

And when a 21-year-old college student who is 20 weeks pregnant asks if "it" feels pain, Planned Parenthood says no.  Because how else would she pay them thousands of dollars to remove it?

And when the 26-year-old who is going through a divorce and just found out that she's 12 weeks pregnant asks if an abortion could hurt her ability to get pregnant in the future, Planned Parenthood says no.  Because they don't believe in telling the truth even though it's difficult.  Because they want her money.

Informed consent should require that every woman who has an abortion knows that her fetus has a heartbeat, and feels pain, and very often could live outside the womb if it were born that day.  She should know that the procedure to remove it will cause it pain, and will cause her pain, and could cause her to be infertile.  It could even kill her.  She should know that she is likely to regret her decision, even becoming severely depressed and suicidal.  She should know all of these things, even though they're hard things to know, because if she doesn't, it's not really about CHOICE.

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