Sunday, July 26, 2015

Book #5 "Bossypants" by Tina Fey

I was pretty disappointed with this book, but maybe I was expecting it to be something it never pretended to be.  I expected more of a memoir about Tina's childhood and adolescence, which were covered pretty quickly.  There was a small part about her husband and children as well.  The majority of the book was about her career: the shows she's worked on, the people she's worked with, and the progress she's made.  I found very little of it to be interesting at all and it also seemed braggy while pretending to be humble with this "I have no idea why they want me to be on television, I just try not to embarrass myself" attitude.  I think maybe I don't appreciate her sense of humor and just hadn't realized it until now.  I did watch 30 Rock, which I thought was funny in parts, and I can't stand Saturday Night Live.  So...I guess it was my fault for thinking I would enjoy this book.  I think that fans of Tina Fey and her work probably appreciate it much more.  For me it was meh.  I wanted to read it because of the quotations I've seen posted on facebook and Pinterest that were really great - specifically the hopes for her daughter section.  And those parts were great in the book too, there just weren't really any more of them than what I'd already seen.

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