Thursday, January 1, 2015

Response to Stupidity

A response to this crappy article because I just can't hold it in anymore.

#1)  Nope.  Everywhere you look in America, fat people are being made fun of.  (Just like the main picture for this article showing HALF of some woman's face.)  Being fat is seen as disgusting, lazy, and immoral.

#2)  People have the right to prioritize their health however they want to.  This doesn't suddenly change if you're fat.  Skinny people can choose to work on their health or not, so can fat people.

#3)  Health at Every Size is about choosing to follow healthy habits at any size.  Contrast this with the generally accepted idea that fat people should do REALLY unhealthy things until they get thin.  Such as HCG or any other 500 calorie diet.

#4)  Yep.  In the same way that people are allowed to not be attracted to certain skin colors, or people with disabilities.  Now how does that make you feel?

#5)  Not all fat people are food addicts, just like not all skinny people have eating disorders.  You can't tell that from looking at someone.  There are skinny people who don't eat much, and skinny people who eat a lot.  Same with fat people.

#6)  The steps that our society and government has taken to eradicate childhood obesity has MULTIPLIED the occurrence of eating disorders, depression, and suicide among children under the age of 11.  If our society didn't make fat kids feel like they should hide in a closet until they become skinny, maybe childhood obesity would stop being such a problem.

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